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Sheet Music? Reading vs. Not Reading

Sheet Music? Reading vs. Not Reading

By: Mike Barricello

Author Mike Barricello

Being able to read sheet music and tablature are the topic of debate among guitar players. There are those that play great guitar and do not read music and that's great. On the other hand you have great guitarists that can read music. I guess it just depends on the way you learned the guitar. I recently read a blog by the great guitarist Arlen Roth. Arlin learned to play by ear first and then learned to read music later. Arlin has  a blog at if you have time check it out. Arlin does a lot of studio work he believes, as I do, that if you are serious about being a musician that it would be in your best interest to learn to read music and tablature. Back in the days when I learned to play we didn't have tablature and I didn't have a sharp enough ear to  learn without music. I guess in the long run it paid off  because the first time I went in a studio I had to read the music for the songs that were being recorded. The big thing about recording in the studio is that time is money and if you have to do too many retakes you probably won't get called back for more work. I remember when I used to sit down in the evenings, get my music book out and read all the notes so I could get used to it and read faster so that when I did play the guitar it became second nature. Another great way to learn is to use tablature with sheet music. It helps you to play in the right position. I do know some studio musicians who can't read music and they get work, but it's with certain singers that they have worked with before and they request them. The point I'm trying to make, is it depends how far you want to go with your music career. If you are serious about it then you should learn to read music.

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