Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pierre Bensusan to Perform in The Grain Store At Ballymaloe on Mon 5 November

Pierre Bensusan, winner of Guitar Player Magazine's Reader's Choice Award as "Best World Music Guitar Player” will perform in The Grain Store At Ballymaloe on Monday 5 November at 8pm.
The French-Algerian artist, globally known as the "Mozart of Guitar,” will introduce Irish audiences to his most recent album, Vividly, a multi-cultural, melodic instrumental and vocal album that marks his 35th year as a recording artist.
The Los Angeles Times calls Pierre Bensusan "one of the most unique and brilliant acoustic guitar veterans in the world music scene today."  He has the ability to make a single guitar sound like an entire band as he brings the audience on a mesmerizing musical journey. And yet, Pierre is more than any musician or music lover expects from a guitarist. He is a composer as well as a bilingual and  improvisational vocalist, melding whistles and resonant low notes with his own scat technique.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Online Guitar Lessons with Jim Murray

Learn Irish guitar accompaniment with Jim Murray. These guitar tutorials will guide you using step by step instructions on how to become a competent and confident accompanist of traditional Irish music.

Jim has broken down his technique into easy to see and easy to understand lessons. Each of these lessons have supporting audio and visual clips which can be played over and over to aid learning.
More information & subscriptions here:
Learn Irish Guitar

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guitar Workshop With Arty McGlynn, The Anglers Return Country House

Arty McGlynn
Arty McGlynn (Photo credit: candyschwartz)
Irish Music Workshops
With John Carty, Arty McGlynn, Jimmie Higgins, Fiachra O'Regan and Friends
€190 pps 2 night stay / attend the workshop classes of your choice*
€790 pps 4 days/ 3 nights all inclusive
€55 Attend banjo, guitar, or fiddle for the day with lunch between segments.

October 21st 2012, 10:00am – 3:30am
The Anglers Return Country House

The Session: Events - Guitar Workshop With Arty McGlynn, The Anglers Return Country House:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Irish Guitar Podcast Lesson 72. Yellow Tinker

"The “Yellow Tinker” is a tune in the G mixolydian mode. In other words the scale used is a C Scale but played in the key of G.

The tune is associated with the playing of Galway accordionist Joe Burke , and perhaps because of Burke, it is very popular and widely played.

The first and third parts of the tune are almost pure mixolydian, whilst the second part of the tune is almost pure G Major, although Tony didn’t alter the key signature for the second part, despite there being an argument for doing so. Overall he just felt it was more convenient to leave t