Monday, February 6, 2012

Gaelic Storm brings a piece of Ireland to Knoxville

GAELIC STORM*GAELIC STORM* (Photo credit: gobucks2)Gaelic Storm took the stage on Friday night at The Square Room at 8 p.m. Being First Friday in Knoxville, there was a large crowd at the show.

Gaelic Storm originated in 1995 in California. This five-member band's popularity flourished after their debut in Titanic where they performed as an Irish folk band at the steerage party.

Gaelic storm plays traditional Irish music; however, they add their own modern flair to many of their tunes. They believe in having solid roots but living in the present simultaneously.

Patrick Murphy and Steve Twigger, the lead singers and founders of the band, integrate much humor into their show. Quick humor inspired by drunken events kept the audience laughing all night long. They also had fans aching with laughter upon Justin Beiber remarks.

Gaelic Storm's upbeat tempo invites fans to dance along. Jessie Burns, fiddle player and only female member of the band, played long, speedy solos that required immeasurable skill. Burns has played in a number of Irish and folk bands from 2005 to the present. While playing, Burns owns the stage and sets the hearts of audience members ablaze with the heart of Celtic music.

According to fellow bandmate, Patrick Murphy, "Jessie is going to be like Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider. She's gonna melt your face off." With her speed and technique, she nearly did at the Square Room.

TNJN - Gaelic Storm brings a piece of Ireland to Knoxville