Sunday, February 15, 2009

Steve Cooney - Si Beag Si Mor

Steve Cooney plays another O'Carolan tune.


saijey said...

Hi Steve: I have some of my own songs with love, betrayal, psychologics and emotional contents from my album Inner Voices 2005 they are legalized at the artists and composers asosiation from my country, I you want I can give them under my authorization you can arrange and mix them to the celtic moderm style
with fusions or can give me any idea then?

with all my gratitude

(Singer,musician, writer and composer)

Anton said...

Hi Steve, I hope that this message reaches you. I have posted several messages to you blogsight previously, but only just realised that I need to sign up first duh!!
I hope that you will remember me from Melbourne? My name is Anton & you taught me many magical ditties on the beautiful Mrs. Martin.
Please email me if you feel so inclined, I would very much like to be in contact with you again.
With love & happy memories, Anton