Friday, August 21, 2009

Partial Capo - Guitar Tutorial

Partial capos have gained considerable popularity in recent years, and for good reason. A partial capo brings remarkable new possibilities to guitar:
  • A partial capo can instantly add a distinct sense of drone and Celtic flair.
  • With little effort a partial capo produces a convincing 'singer/songwriter' sound, inspiring creative guitarists to explore new territories. It adds a magical character to many familar chords, and new chords are readily discovered and most are easy to play.
  • The partial capo provides a great method for introducing people to guitar. The initial barrier for beginning guitarists is quite predictable. It's hard to accurately land multiple fingers on the fretboard. Beginners are quickly overwhelmed by trying to manage chords and strumming simultaneously. It's a tall order for anyone! Therefore it's best to reduce the load on one hand. I recommend simplifying the left hand (i.e. the chord work.) A partial capo does just that! It allows you to play easy one-finger chords, freeing you to focus mainly on the challenges and detaisl of strumming. Although many partial capo chords are extremely simple to play, they sound lovely, full, and complex. Instant rewards encourage continuing interest and dedication ...and that's especially important with kids. In 32 years of teaching I've found nothing that provides such a welcoming introduction to guitar.

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