Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pierre Bensusan Vividly Review

"Few guitarists can claim to have a career as long and storied as French virtuoso Pierre Bensusan. Known mostly for his work in the “DADGAD” tuning, which readers may also know as the favorite acoustic tuning of rock-legend Jimmy Page, Bensusan’s latest release Vividly celebrates his 35th years as a professional performer and is also his 10th solo album, not easy milestones to come by for any genre or in any era.

The album features the incredibly gifted guitar work that Bensusan has become known for over the years, and will make a nice addition to the library of any fan of solo and acoustic guitar albums.

Recorded and mixed in his home studio, the album has a relaxed, café type atmosphere to it, while still creating the atmosphere of a concert hall performance. One can easily imagine themselves sitting in a small Paris coffee house as Bensusan performs each track for their listening pleasure."

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